This year we celebrate nine young entrepreneurs who, in the course of their nine-month business accelerator coaching and mentorship program, they have impressively matured in business and are today very ambitious, innovative, bold and highly motivated. The nine entrepreneur mentees have worked tirelessly hard to propel their businesses to greater heights by harmonizing their business operations and enhancing the quality of their products and services to meet international standards. We celebrate them as they have committed to continue their trailblazing journey as champions of entrepreneurship and to be role models to the youth; actively demonstrating that entrepreneurship is the key to wealth creation, unemployment and poverty eradication.
The Foundation was extremely humbled and honoured by the immense support we received from notable established entrepreneurs, captains of industry and professional expert consultants across various fields. We are deeply indebted to them for unlocking mighty rivers of potential within these young entrepreneurs, who today only think big and bold and beyond of themselves.
We thank the young entrepreneurs, for rising above fear and letting us push them hard. They came to us for inspiration yet also inspired us. Their hunger for success reminds us of the truth that the choice of destiny and greatness lies within us. During the mentorship period, you shed off fear and grew their companies with impressive margins and expansion of vision. We applaud you for choosing to change the world with your dreams.
Today, we ask the entrepreneurs graduates to promise that no matter the challenge, no matter the doubt, no matter the obstacle, they will never turn back; that they have no other choice but success; that they will forge on to symbolize a future for Kenyan dreams that will unlock potential, create jobs and help lift Kenya to the next level of economic growth.

Here’s a video showcasing who they are and what their companies are about. Enjoy!